Tuned In: May-Chang To Appear on Signorile Show

Independent journalist and human rights activist, Jody May-Chang maybe one of the hardest working reporters in Idaho these days.  After years of trying to warn the country about former Idaho Values Alliance head fascist Bryan Fischer, a recent report  authored by herself and fellow journalist Jill Kuraitis seems to be gaining some traction.

Their report, “The Propagandists,” which follows Fischer’s infamous rise from Idaho pastor to current position as American Family Association’s ” Director of Issues Analysis” was released earlier this month by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Since the report’s release,  May-Chang has been popping up all over the place from an articles published on several national LGBTQ websites to an appearance on News Radio 1310 KLIX in Twin Falls.

Next stop: “The Gist” with Michelangelo Signorile.  Signorile, who all but invented the concept of “outing” hypocritical political homophobes during the 80’s, is one of America’s biggest names when it comes to LGBTQIA activism.  A former columnist for the Advocate, he is also the author of several best selling books. You can hear his interview with May-Chang this Friday, October 21st, at  1:30 pm MST on Sirius/XM’s OUTQ Channel 108. (If you don’t have a satellite you can still listen online by signing up for a free trial here.  There’s also “an app for that”.  Check your mobile device’s app store)

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