Poll: Most Catholics Support Some Sort of Same-Sex Union

According to a new News York Times/CBS poll, 69 percent of Catholics surveyed say they support gay unions.

Equality is finding larger support in the mainstream as well. On Top Magazine reports the poll finds,”63 percent of Americans support recognizing gay and lesbian couples with either marriage (39%) or civil unions (24%). Thirty-two percent said there should be no recognition and 5 percent gave no opinion.”

“Forty-four percent of Catholics surveyed favored marriage, and 25 percent preferred civil unions. Twenty-four percent said gay couples should not be recognized by the government,” reports the magazine.

The number is smaller but still growing when it comes to support from evangelical circles. According to the poll,”Eighteen percent said they favored marriage, while 25 percent supported civil unions.”

The survey, released Tuesday, is based on 1,197 telephone interviews conducted between February 8-13 on land lines and cellphones.


Study: Same Gender Couples Prefer Marriage over Partnerships

A new study by The Williams Institute shows that same gender couples run to the alter faster when marriage is an option then they do with other legally recognized forms of union.

According to Pink News,”The study’s data showed that same-sex couples are marrying at higher rates than they are entering civil unions or other legally recognised partnerships, particularly when the options are first introduced by a state”

The study goes on to show that,”Gay couples entering such relationships are predominantly female and are generally older than newly-married straight couples.”

Other interesting tidbits from the study include:

-Over 140,000 same gender couples, or 22% of all same-gender couples in the United States, have formalized their relationship under state law within the United States.

-Forty-seven percent of all same gender couples who live in states that offer some form of legal relationship recognition status have entered into such a status at some point in time.

-After taking into account dissolutions and divorces, about 134,000 same-sex couples, or 21% of all U.S. same gender couples, are currently in a legally recognized relationship. In just those states that offer some form of legal recognition, 43% of couples are currently in a legally recognized relationship.

-Same-sex couples who marry or enter other legal recognition statuses tend to be younger than the general population of married different gender couples in those states. However, when one compares same-sex and different gender couples who are newly married, newly-married same gender couples tend to be older than newly-married different-sex couples.

Read the full study for yourself  HERE.

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