Pocatello to hold Panel Discussion on Non-Discrimination Ordinance

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The Pocatello City Council is set to consider a nondiscrimination ordinance to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity or expression in housing, employment and public accommodations for the city.

According to a press release, an upcoming panel discussion will address such questions as,” What is a nondiscrimination ordinance? Is it necessary? Could it change Pocatello and in what ways? How will it impact religious freedom?”

“The NAACP-Pocatello Branch, 2Great4Hate and the Portneuf Valley Interfaith Fellowship have gathered a variety of viewpoints from the community to address these important issues.”

Panelists will include:

·Dr. Tracie Hitter, Counselor, ISU Center for Counseling and Testing
·Brenda Stanley, Director of Public Relations and Marketing, Portneuf Medical
·Dr. H. Wayne Schow, ISU Professor Emeritus, English
·James Rutchi, Attorney at Rutchi and Beck and former state representative
·The Rev. Barbara Condon, Pastor, Emmaus Lutheran Community, Idaho Falls.

The event, which will be moderated by Dr. David Adler, Director of the Andrus Center at Boise State University, is free and open to the public.

According to the release,”An additional goal of this panel is to educate the Pocatello community on issues facing gay and transgender people and how this ordinance could alter the climate of the community and in what ways. This important discussion will also help those who attend understand that nondiscrimination ordinances do not diminish rights, but foster equal rights for all citizens. Religious groups, business leaders and other members of the community want Pocatello to be a welcoming place for all people, regardless of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity or expression.”

What: Bridging the Divide: A Panel Discussion in Pocatello on the Intersection of Religious Liberties, Commerce, and Nondiscrimination Laws

When: Wednesday, March 20th from 6-7:30pm.

Where: First Congregational United Church of Christ, 309 N Garfield Ave. in Pocatello.

Who: The event is free and open to the public.

For more information, please contact 2Great4Hate, 2great4hate@gmail.com.


Watch: Andrew Sullivan takes on Idaho lunatic Doug Wilson


Doug Wilson is not just your average Idaho fundamentalist preacher. As a lunatic extremist, he’s the kind of  pastor and theologian your mother should have warned you about.

According to Joseph L. Conn of Americans United for Separation of Church and State,“Wilson is better known in Idaho for his advocacy of outlandish religious and political viewpoints. His “firm foundation” seems to be Christian Reconstructionism, the extreme Religious Right theo-political movement that seeks to take “dominion” over America, scrap democracy and impose biblical law.”

In a interview with Christianity Today, Wilson told the reporter, when asked if he would execute those who identify as gay,”You can’t apply Scripture woodenly. You might exile some homosexuals, depending on the circumstances and the age of the victim. There are circumstances where I’d be in favor of execution for adultery…. I’m not proposing legislation. All I’m doing is refusing to apologize for certain parts of the Bible.”

Wilson believes crap like “gay jokes are a tool of the cultural wars”. He writes “Gay jokes depend on sexual generalizations, and as such, they are an essential part of our defense of the way God made the sexual world.”

Wilson is also a rape apologist, blaming egalitarianism for the presence of rape and sexual violence, and he certainly shook things up when he “partly plagiarized booklet defending Old South slavery as a “life of plenty.”

Oh, and he’s also a genius at drawing the church’s spotlight unto himself. In  recent years he has “bravely” taken on several noted “cultural miscreants” in highly publicized debates.  Wilson has made a name for himself as of late by tying himself to the likes of famed atheist Christopher Hutchins and others.

His latest “LOOK AT ME TAKING ON THE COOL KIDS” debate was held last week in Moscow.  This time Wilson was sharing his spotlight with non-other than  gay conservative blogger, writer and commentator Andrew Sullivan. The question? “Is civil marriage for gay couples good for society?”

Expect the book and video series to be available at your local christian bookstore soon.

Watch Sully destroy Wilson’s insane ramblings below:

Pink Swastika Author continues to push “Obama is gay” rumor


Forget about the birth certificate, that seems to be old news. Last fall, the man who helped launch “Swiftboat” into the conservative lexicon, Jerome  Corsi, “uncovered” the biggest conspiracy since, well it’s pretty hard to keep up with their conspiracies, but this one seems to have struck a long sloppy note with the guy who blames “the gays” for the holocaust

To get you up to speed, in his column for World Nut Daily last September, Corsi revealed the shocking rumors that-OMG-the-President-MIGHT BE-a-fag.

“A prominent member of Chicago’s homosexual community claims Barack Obama’s participation in the “gay” bar and bathhouse scene was so well known that many who were aware of his lifestyle were shocked when he ran for president and finally won the White House,” wrote Corsi in his typical “hey-I-just-report-the-gossip-whether-it’s-true-or-not” fashion.

The man who is probably most responsible for Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill  isn’t about to let the rumor die out either.

Earlier this week, discredited “Pink Swastika” author Scott Lively revived Coris’s rumors by blurbing on his website “Obama Vacations with Reggie Love, Not Michelle.”

Love, for those that don’t know, is the President’s friend and former personal assistant. A man whom Corsi so scandalously wrote about last October, “uncovering” the gossip that Love may have “shocking” gay-like photos from his college years.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Lively has tried to call the President’s sexuality into question. Lively also repeated Corsi’s rumor that the President was once married to his Pakastani college room mate.

For a man who considers himself to be a “scholar”, Lively sure loves the gossip doesn’t he?  But than when you’ve been so discredited by real scholars maybe grasping at straws is all you’ve got left.

Now, if they would only prove once and for all that Glenn Beck didn’t rape and murder a girl back in 1990.  Of course Beck didn’t, but that’s the rumor mill for you isn’t it?

6,000-Mile Walk for Equality comes to a Close in DC


Carrying pictures of the faces and names of those whose lives have been cut short by the effects of TBLG inequality, dozens of marchers ascended on Lafayette Park this afternoon not only to issue the mandate for full equality but also to mark the end of a historic journey.

Since May 31, 2011, Alan Bounville has walked from Seattle, Washington, pushing a cart of his belongings. On the cart are two rainbow-colored signs that read, “Full Equality NOW!” He’s walked every step of the way, zigzagging from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, often over harsh terrain and in even harsher weather. Seattle, Washington, pushing a cart of his belongings. On the cart are two rainbow-colored signs that read, “Full Equality NOW!” He’s walked every step of the way, zigzagging from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, often over harsh terrain and in even harsher weather.

Walking across the country in a straight line essentially twice is one thing. Walking as an out queer person pushing a cart emblazoned with rainbow signs while sharing the demand for full equality based on gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation is quite another,” says Bounville when talking about the walk as a whole. “People stop me all the time to ask what I’m doing and why I’m walking. Many people are supportive. Some are downright discriminatory. I keep walking because I know that the more I share my truth, the more I humanize to others my demand to be treated equally by my government and my neighbors. When people who don’t support my demand look me in the eye, they walk away from me changed. Something always seems to shift in unsupportive people after I tell them why I’m walking and that I’m gay or queer.”

While walking, Bounville has held numerous candlelight vigils remembering people who were murdered or who have taken their own lives due to discrimination based on the victim’s perceived or actual gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation. Bounville also talks at religious services about his mission, facilitates social movement and art as activism workshops, and performs a solo interview theater-based play inspiring people to walk into their own light and true potential.

Dozens of Bounville’s friends and supporters, from all across the country, joined him in the final three miles of his journey. For many, like Duane Quintana from Chicago, the experience was bitter-sweet,”On the one hand it’s amazing to see the impact Alan’s walk has had on so many American’s lives,” Says Quintana, who walked two hundred miles with Bounville in Idaho. “On the other hand, it’s horrific to see the names and faces of those impacted by the darkness of hate and prejudice. Hopefully, this walk will inspire, not only our nation’s leaders, but also the thousands of people across the country who honked, waved or got the chance to hear Alan’s message. Intolerance isn’t so much about politics or religion as it is about realizing that every day people are dying because our country refuses to allow them the same rights, privileges and dignity that every American deserves.”

 For nearly two years I’ve been invited as an equal into hundreds of homes across this great land, “Says Bounville. “The walk ends at the People’s House, where transgender, bisexual, queer, lesbian, two spirit, intersex, and gay Americans are still not welcome as equals. The time for full equality is now.”

For more information visit www.intothelightwalk.com.

Watch the last day of Alan’s walk:

Pocatello production of ‘Stop Kiss’ tackles love and homophobia


The message of the Old Town Actors Studio’s latest production couldn’t be more timely. An attack on a gay couple, earlier this month, appears to be just the latest in a string of incidents that has many within Pocatello’s LGBT community on alert. Some residents say they’re fearful that city leaders may not be taking the incidents seriously or doing enough to protect their LGBT citizens. One gay bar-goer tells the Agenda he’s afraid to even go out alone anymore. That’s exactly the message a bias motivated attack sends to both its victims and to the larger community, “Be afraid”.

That fear is just one of the many themes Diana Son’s award-winning play “Stop Kiss” touches on. The story of two women who fall in love, only to be brutally attacked during their first kiss, touches on not only how the ordeal affects their relationship, but those around them as well.  It handles its important themes with wit, grace and a bit of comedic relief.

First produced Off-Broadway in 1998 at The Public Theater in New York City, the play and its subsequent productions have gone on to win a gaggle of awards. According to the studio,”Ben Brantley of the New York Times summed up the critical reaction to Diana Son’s play when he stated that it “generated the warmest advance word of mouth” and has been heralded as a Barefoot in the Part for a new generation.”

The Old Town Actors Studio production opens tonight, the 22nd. It plays the 23, 25, March 1, and 2 at 7:30 p.m. According to a Facebook announcement, the production stars,”the stunning cast of Cassy Baker, Dana Facer, Joe B. Haney, Emily Kvamme, Jason Reed, and new to OTAS Tom Eckert.”

Tickets are Ten Dollars. You can make reservations by calling 208-478-6886. The Old Town Actors Studio is located at 427 N. Main Street in Pocatello.

Click HERE to visit the Old Town Actors Studio’s website.

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