About The Editor

James Tidmarsh

James Tidmarsh grew up Boise. He attended several fundamentalist Christian churches as a young adult before “coming out” at the age of 23. Since then, he has been involved in the equality movement both in the Treasure and Magic Valleys for more then 20 years.  He has contributed to several LGBTQIA online publications as well as dozens ofLGBTQIA focused radio programs in Boise, Twin Falls and on SiriusXM OUTQ Satellite radio.


9 Responses to About The Editor

  1. malcolm metzler says:

    Great blog, James, super + + +

  2. jamestidmarsh says:

    @Malcom Thank you!

  3. Lyn LeJeune says:

    from new LGBT Press inGroup

    Elijah Rising is now used by high schools and colleges as a teaching tool. The manuscript was placed in Teaching Tolerance Library of the Southern Poverty Law Center by Morris Dees under title: Michael’s Journal
    The mysticism and religious fanaticism of the Dust Bowl era has had a profound impact on the arts. Popular TV shows like HBO’s Carnivale have brought this strange time period into the mainstream. These were years marked by war, a global depression, racial hostility, and a collective search for salvation. In author Lyn LeJeune’s new book, Elijah Rising (inGroup Press, October 2011), a man’s descent into madness begins as the world goes to war. Disillusioned with his boring life in New York City, a wealthy white heir to a railroad fortune follows a black tent-fundamentalist preacher out west. Their goal is to bring God to those uncivilized and uncharted parts of America. But as they venture deeper into the unknown, it is they who may most require the grace of God. Elijah Rising is a love story filled with captivating descriptive writing, profound characters, and a learned sense of history. LeJeune has written timeless, high-end fiction for even the most discerning tastes.
    ***Note from author: Howard Zinn – greatly missed – was one of my first readers. He wrote this to me: “I read it in two sittings, became involved in the story. You write every well!” Now who wouldn’t have pursued the book to publication? It is now published by InGroup Press.

    ISBN: 978-1935725084 http://www.amazon.com/Elijah-Rising-Lyn-LeJeune/dp/1935725084/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1310946856&sr=1-1
    Where great books are sold

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  5. thomas says:

    you people cant help how you are..you were born that way..dont let the lds [mormon church bother you.there a false church out to steal your money..your money spends whether your gay or not..monsen is a rape artist..every body dont hate you we under stand..how do you evan know there is a god can you prove it

  6. Mike Rozak says:


    This is Mike. We engaged in “talk” about Jadin Bell a few days back. I’d like to ask you some questions about The Idaho Agenda & your educational background. That is if you’re willing. You’ve got my email from when I signed up. Thanks for your consideration.


    • Barbara says:

      Dear Mike, I know this is unrelated, but are you the Mike that is a big fan of the movie Symbiopsychotaxiplasm by Bill Greaves? I hope you are!

  7. Kevin Lish says:


    Thank you for the great article on All Under One Roof. We really appreciate your help in getting the word out. We are having a fundraiser meet and greet at the The Bridge Restaurant in Pocatello on April 13, 2013 and would be very proud to have you there. Our board member LD Wolfley is in charge of this event. Thank you so much for posting our video in the article. Support like yours is helping to make this Center a success in Pocatello.

    Kevin Lish, Vice-Chairman
    All Under One Roof

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