Watch: Andrew Sullivan takes on Idaho lunatic Doug Wilson


Doug Wilson is not just your average Idaho fundamentalist preacher. As a lunatic extremist, he’s the kind of  pastor and theologian your mother should have warned you about.

According to Joseph L. Conn of Americans United for Separation of Church and State,“Wilson is better known in Idaho for his advocacy of outlandish religious and political viewpoints. His “firm foundation” seems to be Christian Reconstructionism, the extreme Religious Right theo-political movement that seeks to take “dominion” over America, scrap democracy and impose biblical law.”

In a interview with Christianity Today, Wilson told the reporter, when asked if he would execute those who identify as gay,”You can’t apply Scripture woodenly. You might exile some homosexuals, depending on the circumstances and the age of the victim. There are circumstances where I’d be in favor of execution for adultery…. I’m not proposing legislation. All I’m doing is refusing to apologize for certain parts of the Bible.”

Wilson believes crap like “gay jokes are a tool of the cultural wars”. He writes “Gay jokes depend on sexual generalizations, and as such, they are an essential part of our defense of the way God made the sexual world.”

Wilson is also a rape apologist, blaming egalitarianism for the presence of rape and sexual violence, and he certainly shook things up when he “partly plagiarized booklet defending Old South slavery as a “life of plenty.”

Oh, and he’s also a genius at drawing the church’s spotlight unto himself. In  recent years he has “bravely” taken on several noted “cultural miscreants” in highly publicized debates.  Wilson has made a name for himself as of late by tying himself to the likes of famed atheist Christopher Hutchins and others.

His latest “LOOK AT ME TAKING ON THE COOL KIDS” debate was held last week in Moscow.  This time Wilson was sharing his spotlight with non-other than  gay conservative blogger, writer and commentator Andrew Sullivan. The question? “Is civil marriage for gay couples good for society?”

Expect the book and video series to be available at your local christian bookstore soon.

Watch Sully destroy Wilson’s insane ramblings below:

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