Pocatello production of ‘Stop Kiss’ tackles love and homophobia


The message of the Old Town Actors Studio’s latest production couldn’t be more timely. An attack on a gay couple, earlier this month, appears to be just the latest in a string of incidents that has many within Pocatello’s LGBT community on alert. Some residents say they’re fearful that city leaders may not be taking the incidents seriously or doing enough to protect their LGBT citizens. One gay bar-goer tells the Agenda he’s afraid to even go out alone anymore. That’s exactly the message a bias motivated attack sends to both its victims and to the larger community, “Be afraid”.

That fear is just one of the many themes Diana Son’s award-winning play “Stop Kiss” touches on. The story of two women who fall in love, only to be brutally attacked during their first kiss, touches on not only how the ordeal affects their relationship, but those around them as well.  It handles its important themes with wit, grace and a bit of comedic relief.

First produced Off-Broadway in 1998 at The Public Theater in New York City, the play and its subsequent productions have gone on to win a gaggle of awards. According to the studio,”Ben Brantley of the New York Times summed up the critical reaction to Diana Son’s play when he stated that it “generated the warmest advance word of mouth” and has been heralded as a Barefoot in the Part for a new generation.”

The Old Town Actors Studio production opens tonight, the 22nd. It plays the 23, 25, March 1, and 2 at 7:30 p.m. According to a Facebook announcement, the production stars,”the stunning cast of Cassy Baker, Dana Facer, Joe B. Haney, Emily Kvamme, Jason Reed, and new to OTAS Tom Eckert.”

Tickets are Ten Dollars. You can make reservations by calling 208-478-6886. The Old Town Actors Studio is located at 427 N. Main Street in Pocatello.

Click HERE to visit the Old Town Actors Studio’s website.


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