Idaho’s Senator Chuck Winder blows More Hot Air

Cuck Winder

You might recall Idaho State Senator Chuck Winder from last year’s legislative session. The Boise Republican not only sponsored a  measure that would have required women to get an ultrasound before choosing an abortion, but he also not-so-subtly suggested that women were using rape as an excuse in order to undergo the procedure.  His comments sparked a national protest and, thankfully, the bill was defeated.

Sadly, it appears Winder is still full of a lot of hot air. The Boise Weekly reports that on Monday, which marked the ACLU-of Idaho’s Citizen Lobby Day, Winder told a group of high school students trying to discuss the problem of school bullying that he not only believed that “Homosexuality is a choice” but “that he didn’t believe there was a discrimination issue against the LGBT community.”

Not only is the state senator wrong, he’s dead wrong.

Licensed psychotherapist Dr. Allan Schwartz points out , while little is known about why some people are born with certain sexual orientation, the fact is major research runs absolutely contrary to Winder’s “belief”.

In areas of genetic research, Schwartz writes,”During the 1990’s evidence was found that a gene could be the root cause of homosexuality. More recently, both the X and Y chromosomes have been investigated to determine the causes of homosexuality. The Y chromosome is passed from the father to the son and it is this Y chromosome that determined the sex of the baby. All of these studies have been successful to the extent that they have found genetic factors to be the cause of homosexuality in fifty to sixty percent of the populations studied.”

Along the same biological lines, Schwartz  says,”A very recent study found that mothers who had given birth to several male children are more likely to have a son born who will be gay. It is thought that something happened in the mother’s uterus after she delivered her older children that altered the fetus of the last child in a way that makes him gay.”

Schwartz, along with every other credible expert on the subject within the last 30 or so years, reaches the conclusion that Winder, a local career politician, is obviously clueless to when it comes to the evidence regarding sexual orientation.

“As a result of everything I have read, learned and experienced as a mental health worker, I long ago concluded that homosexuality is not a matter of choice. Instead, it seems quite clear to me that there is a combination of genetic and biological factors that cause people to become gay,” Dr. Schwartz writes.

All Winder has to do was listen to the dozens of  personal stories told to the Boise City Council last December to know that discrimination against LGBT individuals is not only a very real problem, it continues to play out in the streets, towns and businesses throughout much of the state. He chose not to attend that City Council meeting, however.

As for bullying, according to a study published last year by the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN),”The most common forms of biased language in elementary schools, heard regularly (i.e., sometimes, often or all the time) by both students and teachers, are the use of the word “gay” in a negative way, such as “that’s so gay,” (students: 45%, teachers: 49%) and comments like “spaz” or “retard” (51% of students, 45% of teachers). Many also report regularly hearing students make homophobic remarks, such as “fag” or “lesbo” (students: 26%, teachers: 26%) and negative comments about race/ethnicity (students: 26%, teachers: 21%).”

Currently, Idaho has the fourth highest suicide rate in the nation. Studies have shown that those who have been bullied and or harassed at school can be affected by the actions well into their adult years.

According to last year’s Idaho Youth Risk Behavior Survey, out of 1,702  students in 48 public high schools in Idaho, 22.8 percent reported being bullied or harassed on school property.

Winder has also apparently drawn the ire of the marijuana legalization crowd as well. According to the Boise Weekly,”Winder’s Facebook page began overflowing with commentary” regarding two resolutions that seek to strengthen Idaho’s pot prohibition laws.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 112 seeks to state the Idaho Legislature’s opposition to the legalization of marijuana for any purpose in the State of Idaho, while Senate Joint Memorial 101 calls upon President Barack Obama, the U.S. Department of Justice and Congress “to take appropriate action to ensure that federal drug-free policy is upheld in all states,” writes the Weekly’s Andrew Crisp.

You can contact Winder at 208-332-1307  or email him at


One Response to Idaho’s Senator Chuck Winder blows More Hot Air

  1. Mike Rozak says:

    I assume the Senator also believes being born as a person of color to also be a choice. I’m sure the life begins at conception fetus says to itself “i”d like to be born into a world where I will have less opportunity and be poorly treated”. I don’t think these people realize how idiotic they sound when they suggest that people would choose to to become members of a still widely despised and persecuted minority . Yes, I said despised. There are only a few brave enough to actually admit the degree of their hatred of our LGBTQI community. The most glaring example is the Westboro Baptist Church. Most others try to present themselves as less hateful. But they don’t fool us. Nor does this fool who suggests women get raped to have abortions

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