Iconic NOH8 Campaign coming to Idaho!


If you’ve ever wanted to be included in the iconic and very sexy NOH8 campaign, listen up! The man who made duct tape and make-up fashion symbols of equality will be bringing his cameras to Boise next month.

The four year old campaign, was started by Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley as a response to California’s Prop 8. It has sense gone on to capture the facebook and social media sites of celebrities, politicians and normal everyday people who are more then happy to show their faces for equality.

Bouska, a famed fashion photographer who has shot some of the biggest names in Hollywood will be in Boise to take the pictures himself.

The fact that the shoot is taking place at the Treasure Valley Community Center makes the Idaho stop even more iconic. March happens to mark the 30th anniversary date for Idaho’s longest running LGBT community center. So, not only do you get to take part in the campaign, but you will also be helping to celebrate one of the community’s most historic institutions.

According to the NoH8 website, the shoot is an open one. You can have your picture taken as an individual or as a group for $40.00 or $25.00 respectively.

“Anyone that would like to join the NOH8 Campaign is asked to wear a plain white shirt to match the look of the signature NOH8 photos. When you arrive, you will receive a numbered model release to fill out, followed by having your NOH8 tattoo applied. We will call numbers throughout the day, and your corresponding release number will signal your time to line up to have your photo taken,” the site says.

“Funds raised by the NOH8 Campaign will be used to continue promoting and raising awareness for marriage equality and anti-discrimination through NOH8’s interactive media campaign.”

What: NOH8 Campaign comes to TCC

When: Saturday, March 16th from 2-5 pm


Who: You!

Cost: $40.00 for individual shots. $25.00 dollars for couples or groups.

Click HERE to learn more.

A facebook event page for the Boise shoot has been set up HERE.

Watch a video of the campaign’s celebration of its fourth Anniversary:

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