Defending Discrimination: LDS church joins brief defending Prop 8


Just when you thought the LDS church had learned its lesson and was working to improve its image when it comes to its treatment of the LGBT community, comes news that the church has joined other anti-gay religious zealots in asking the Supreme Court to uphold California’s Prop 8.

You’ll recall that the LDS church had a huge role in getting the highly discriminatory proposition passed by California voters.   While certainly not the only religious organization supporting the proposition, it can not be denied that its huge network of  members, media and money was utilized  in a big way to ensure Prop 8′s passage.

As Chris Johnson over at WashBlade reports,”In a 38-page friend-of-the-court brief, filed before the Supreme Court Jan. 29, religious groups — including the Mormon Church — emphasize that justices shouldn’t strike down Prop 8 on the basis of religious support for the anti-gay amendment. The brief is signed by Von Keech, a Utah-based private attorney who has previously assisted the Mormon Church, as well as other private attorneys with his firm Alexander Dushku, R. Shawn Gunnarson and Kirton McConkie.”

The church has also filed a brief defending the Defense of Marriage Act.

“In a statement on Monday, Affirmation, a national group for gay and lesbian Mormons, questioned why the Mormon Church would participate in a legal brief in favor of Prop 8 after backing off its support of anti-gay measures since the passage of the California’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage in 2008,” Johnson reports.

Other names included in the unholy document include the National Association of Evangelicals, the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention; the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod; the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America; the Romanian-American Evangelical Alliance of North America; and Truth in Action Ministries.

One wonders if the LDS Church realizes that no matter how hard it tries it can’t have it both ways. Either its going to support its LGBT members or its going to continue to lobby for hate. There is no middle ground.

The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments in the Proposition 8 case March 26, and the DOMA case the following day.


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