Add the Words, Idaho thanks Boise City Council


A statewide organization working to add the words, “sexual orientation and gender identity” to Idaho’s Human Rights amendment presented members of the Boise City Council with a big “thank you” on Monday.

In December, council members unanimously approved an ordinance that prohibits discrimination against the LGBT community in cases of housing, employment and public accommodation within city limits. The ordinance took effect in January.

Members of Add the Words, Idaho view the passage as a huge step towards achieving similar protections on a statewide level.

Monday’s presentation, which occurred during the council’s normal working session, included a few remarks by organization leaders Mistie Tolman and Emilie Jackson-Edney. The pair reiterated to the council just how much the ordinance means to Boise’s LGBT community and to them personally.

Members of Add the Words, Idaho then presented plaques to the council that read,”On behalf of the city of Boise, thank you for leading the way to create a more safe and equitable community.”


They also presented council members with a poster made up of 320 sticky notes from Boise residents thanking the council for its support.

Following the presentation, council members each took the time to thank the organization and to reiterate why they supported the ordinance. Boise Mayor Dave Beiter told the crowd, “I knew ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ was a failed policy, what I wasn’t aware of, before working on this ordinance, that we had the equivalent right here in our own city.”


Click HERE to learn more about ADD the Words, Idaho.


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