Same-Sex Couples included in President’s Immigration Plan


When the President unveils his immigration reform plan in Vegas this afternoon, there’s good intelligence that the plan will also attempt to address  the needs of thousands of binational same-sex couples whose plights  have been  largely ignored by the federal government.

Chris Geidner over at BuzzFeed reports,”A Democratic source said: “Same-sex couples will be part of his proposal.” A second source confirmed that, unlike the Senate framework released Monday, same-sex bi-national couples — those with one American and one foreign partner — will be included in the White House principles.”

According to MS. Magazine,”A recent Williams Institute study found that there are an estimated 28,500 binational same-sex couples living in the United States. The report found that 35 percent of male binational couples and 39 percent of female binational couples are raising more than 17,000 children.”

While the exact details of the immigration plan weren’t available at press time, CNN reports,”Obama will press for quick action on immigration and share details about his proposal, which includes a path to citizenship for more than 11 million undocumented immigrants.”

On Tuesday morning, five national LGBT groups released a joint statement calling for the inclusion,”Any legislation must include the ability of couples in same-sex relationships to sponsor their spouse or permanent-partner in the same way opposite-sex couples have long been able to under current immigration law,” they said.

“Democratic senators backing the plan include Chuck Schumer of New York, Dick Durbin of Illinois, Robert Menendez of New Jersey and Michael Bennet of Colorado. On the Republican side were Rubio, John McCain of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Jeff Flake of Arizona,” CNN reported.

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