Wyoming kills Marriage Equality Bill, Considers Domestic Partnerships


A bill that would have defined marriage as a civil contract between “two natural persons” was rejected by the Wyoming House Corporations Committee on a vote of 5-4.

Think Progress reports,”Testimony against the bill included threats that gays are pedophiles and that same-sex activity damages colons. Hopes were high that there was bipartisan support for the legislation to pass.”

Instead, the same committee gave approval to House Bill 168, which, according to the bill’s sponsor,”allows same-sex couples to register into a domestic partnership, where they are allowed the same rights as spouses.”

Both bills were sponsored by Rep. Cathy Connolly, D-Laramie.

According to the Casper-Star Tribune,”The bill replaces the word “spouse” in state statutes with the phrase “domestic partnership.” Although minors can get married, they are not allowed to enter a domestic partnership. The bill also separates domestic partnership from religion because the registration and filing is done with the county clerk rather than by clergy.”

Wyoming lawmakers have considered similar legislation “three times since 2007, but none of them passed.”

The domestic partnership bill passed with a 7-2 vote. It now moves on to the full house.

(Click HERE to read the full bill.)

“Connolly also is a co-sponsor to an anti-discrimination bill sponsored by Sen. Chris Rothfuss, D-Laramie. The bill would add sexual orientation or gender identification to the state’s anti-discrimination statutes,” reports the paper.


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