Two in One Week: Lewiston adds Sexual Orientation language to City Policy

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Lewiston city councilors have approved a measure to add gay-friendly language to its non-discrimination policy for city employees. The passage happened on the same night Twin Falls adopted the same change to its policy. In both cases the measures passed on 5 to  2 votes.

According to The Lewiston Morning Tribune,”Jim Bennett, Lewiston’s city manager, said when he took office in 2011, he tasked employees to take a look at updating city policy, since an update had not been formally administered in the past decade. While most of it was cleanup and reorganization of the policies, Bennett said he felt it was appropriate for them to include the sexual orientation clause to official policy.”

Boise State Radio reported on Tuesday that Bennett referenced,”hiring practices that include LGBT protections across the country, and says Lewiston should not be left behind.”

Neither measure is as broad as the city wide bans on LGBT discrimination passed in Boise and Sandpoint, however. Those measures cover both sexual orientation AND gender identity. Both prohibit discrimination in cases of housing, employment and public accommodation within city limits.

Leaders from both Lewiston and Twin Falls have indicated that discussions on a broader ordinance in their cities may take place sometime in the future. On Tuesday, Twin Falls City councilman and Chamber of Commerce President, Shawn Barigar tweeted that he is “hoping to have a future discussion more broadly. ” Bennett, meanwhile, told Boise State Radio,”the topic of a city-wide nondiscrimination ordinance did come up during the meeting, but no proposal was made.”

2 Responses to Two in One Week: Lewiston adds Sexual Orientation language to City Policy

  1. Sierra G says:

    Come on Idaho Falls! I hope that housing and job discrimination are outlawed soon as well!

  2. Amy says:

    I hope that all constituents, even who don’t see this as their cause, will look at the officials who vote against updating the policies and realize that they are obstructionists. Whether their votes are motivated by hate or denial, they clearly cannot see that most of us (Idahoans, Americans, whatever) believe that LGBT citizens deserve the same rights and protections as everyone else and are aware that this type of descrimination should not be tolerated or accepted as reasonable any longer. Officials who cannot evolve, who refuse to stand up for the most vulnerable of their constituency, do not deserve the responsibility of office.

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