Twin Falls Considers Adding protections for City Employees


The Twin Falls City Council is considering expanding its employee anti-harassment and discrimination policy to include the words,”sexual orientation.”

The issue was raised in December by Councilwoman Rebecca Mills-Sojka, during a discussion over the city’s new employee handbook. The Times-News reported,”The City Council adopted the handbook without making the change, but City Manager Travis Rothweiler said city staff would study the issue and present findings to the council at a later date.”

“At the Jan. 7 meeting, City Manager Travis Rothweiler said city staff was nearly finished researching the topic,” reports the newspaper.

The staff findings are expected to be unveiled during tonight’s city council meeting.

While the policy change under discussion does not go as far as anti-discrimination ordinances enacted in Boise and Sandpoint, which ban discrimination in cases of housing, employment and public accommodation based a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity, the move would still be considered “a step in the right direction” by the city’s LGBT community.

Twin Falls City Council meets at 5:00 tonight, January 14th, at the Twin Falls City Council chambers located at 324 2nd Ave. E.

You can send emails of encouragement to city council members by clicking on their addresses below:

Mayor Greg Lanting

Vice Mayor Don Hall

Councilwoman Suzanne Hawkins

Councilwoman Rebecca Mills Sojka

Councilman Shawn Barigar

Councilman Chris Talkington

Councilman Jim Munn

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