Poll: Major Decrease in those who consider Homosexuality a Sin


According to a poll released this week by Southern Baptist-affiliated LifeWay Christian Research, Americans who consider being gay a “sin” are sorely lagging behind the rest of the country.

Out of the 1,191 people surveyed in November, LifeWay found that only 37 percent of  said “yes” when asked if homosexual behavior is a sin. Forty-five percent said it was not. Seventeen percent responded that they didn’t know.

The research firm says the numbers show a dramatic decrease from last year’s data, when 44 percent answered yes.

Ed Stetzer, president of LifeWay Research, says one of the deciding factors in this year’s polling may have been the President’s support for same-sex marriage. In a press release Stetzer says, “the president’s evolution on homosexuality probably impacted the evolution of cultural values – there is a real and substantive shift, surprisingly large for a one-year time frame – though this was hardly a normal year on this issue.”

According to LifeWay, “The survey also reveals Americans in the South (40 percent) are the most likely to select “Yes” to the question “Do you believe homosexual behavior is a sin?” as are Americans who attend religious services at least about once a week (61 percent), and those calling themselves “born-again, evangelical, or fundamentalist Christian” (73 percent).”

As Towleroad points out, the “numbers reflect other polls, such as Gallup’s very promising finding this year that 54% of Americans, the highest ever, believe same-sex love is morally acceptable.”

The survey has a margin of error of  2.9 percent.

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