Equality Backers Vow Return of Illinois Marriage Bill ‘Within Weeks’


Time ran out, this legislative session, for a bill that that would legalize marriage equality in the nation’s fifth largest state.  The Washington Post reports that,”A Senate committee voted 8-5 late Thursday in favor of a bill that would allow gay marriage. But with key supporters absent, Senate Democrats delayed a full floor vote. The Senate then canceled its Friday schedule, and President John Cullerton said lawmakers are unlikely to return to Springfield before the session ends Jan. 9.”

Bernard Cherkasov, CEO of Equality Illinois, tells the Windy City Times, “There is no way for us to pass the bill in one house and continue in the other house in next assembly, with just a handful of days remaining in the current lame duck session, time to move the bill through both chambers is not on our side.”

But hope for the bill, which has received major support from the likes of President Obama and Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson, is still very much alive.

Windy City reports, “The organization leading the charge for marriage equality in Illinois said it won’t relent on efforts to pass the bill in 2013.”

Cullerton appears equally optimistic, “What’s important when we reconvene is that we work to protect and strengthen all Illinois families, and that’s what this legislation does,I’m confident we can advance this bill in the coming weeks.”

Watch Jesse Tyler Fergon’s plea for the passage of the bill:

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