Watch: Straight LDS Family Members say,”It Gets Better.”

The same openly gay BYU professor who recently produced a video telling BYU students that ”It Gets Better’ has produced another video. This one features LDS family members that have come to terms with their faith and acceptance for their gay loved ones.

Emmy-winning filmmaker, Kendall Wilcox, is a lifelong member of the LDS church and founder of the website He told The Salt Lake City Tribune, last year, that he doesn’t consider being gay,”a handicap or an impediment God imposed on some unlucky mortals, but yet another attribute for engaging with the gospel of Jesus Christ, he says. “I am happy to be engaged in this way.”

Since reconciling his faith with his sexuality, Wilcox has been working on a documentary film exploring the experience of being homosexual and Mormon.

His newest ‘It Gets Better’ clip made its premiere over the weekend at the national Circling the Wagons conference in Washington, D.C., which featured several high profile speakers like Mitch Mayne, who was called to serve in a LDS leadership position last year.

While the church has made amazing strides regarding its attitudes and beliefs toward the LGBT community, critics point out that it still has a long way to go.  Members, for example, may identity themselves as homosexual but any sexual relations as well as the struggle for marriage equality are still considered by many to be taboo, if not downright sinful.

Still, films like Wilcox’s will go along way in not only creating dialog but in fostering a understanding between LGBT members and their straight counterparts as well.

According to the filmmaker, Wilcox hopes his films, “create safety and peace for all who choose to engage in… important conversations and in-turn heal hearts, homes, and communities.”

2 Responses to Watch: Straight LDS Family Members say,”It Gets Better.”

  1. thefibitz says:

    Wow! Very powerful! I spent a few days in SLC last fall exploring the church and seeking to understand. I was impressed and think that it is only a matter of time before the church embraces their gay sons and daughters. Love this video!

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