Now Playing: ‘Bully’ opens in Boise

Filmgoers and educators that signed up for tickets were treated to free screenings of Lee Hirsch’s controversial film ‘Bully’ over the weekend.

The film, which follows five teens over the course of a school year, has created controversy for its hard-hitting look at school bullying and its effects on the students, their families and their communities.

‘Bully’ was released nationwide on Friday.  It made its Idaho premiere at the Flicks Theater in Boise with two free screenings sponsored by the Boise Exchange Club and the Idaho Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Following the screening on Saturday, Boise counselor Kelli Sullivan led a discussion about the effects of bullying on teens in Idaho.

Sunday’s showing was targeted at area teachers.

The film’s message is an important one for Idaho.

According to the Suicide Prevention Action Network of Idaho, Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for Idahoans age 15-34 and for males age 10-14. Idaho also has the fourth highest suicide rate in the nation.

Studies have shown that those who have been bullied and or harassed at school can be affected by the actions well into their adult years.

According to the 2012 Idaho Youth Risk Behavior Survey, out of 1,702  students in 48 public high schools, 22.8 percent report being bullied or harassed on school property within the last year.

A legislative measure that would have required school districts to develop action plans to deal with the problem failed to advance in the last session after the bill was held up by the chairman of the House Education Committee.

Republican Rep. Bob Nonini refused to give the bill a hearing because he didn’t feel the additional law was necessary.

You can catch the documentary, which was given a PG-13 rating earlier this month, at the Flicks located at 646 Fulton Street in Boise.

Click HERE for show times and other information.




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