Watch: Gay Mormons at BYU say “It Gets Better”

A panel discussion on homosexuality at Brigham Young University drew a standing room only crowd this week.

According to blogger Trevor Antley, the “panel of three self-identified homosexual students and one bisexual student talked openly regarding their struggles with their sexuality and how they have coped with their same-gender attraction along with their Mormon faith.”

“All four students were attending BYU and had committed to living Church standards and the BYU Honor Code,” Antley reports.

While the students are to be commended for creating positive dialog regarding a subject that has long been taboo in most LDS circles, as Queerty’s Dan Avery points out, positive is a relative term.

“Most disturbingly, one of the speakers, Brandon Bastian, is married to a woman and has a young daughter. The secret to his “success” over homosexuality? “A genuine love… not based on physical intimacy,” he told the crowd.”

“That’s not a healthy marriage—that’s a perversity.  Is it any wonder, as Bastian casually mentioned, that his blushing bride is on medications that suppresses her libido?”, writes Avery.

Still, it’s a far cry from the days when the university ran a program that used electric shock therapy and other methods in an attempt to change a student’s sexuality.

Carri P. Jenkins, assistant to the president of BYU, told ABC News last march that,”Our understanding is that most behaviorists no longer believe this is an appropriate treatment for those who are seeking change.”

As further proof that attitudes among the university and its leaders maybe changing, a group of gay LDS students have produced an amazing video for the “It Get’s Better” project.

According to the video, there are over 1800 LGBT students who attend the church owned university.




3 Responses to Watch: Gay Mormons at BYU say “It Gets Better”

  1. ML says:

    As someone who knows Brandon Bastian…
    1. Brandon has never claimed that he has overcome his homosexuality.
    2. Brandon’s wife isn’t on medications to suppress her libido, but is on medications with that side effect and he mentioned it because it’s a running joke in their home.
    3. Brandon in no way encourages other people to marry into heterosexual marriages and is supportive of all people, regardless of what they choose. He loves his wife and family, and he should be supported in that.
    Avery was only able to read the transcript of the liveblogging, as opposed to being there in person/seeing a live video so I think there were some miscommunications.

  2. My name is Bianca and I called in to the show earlier as a member of the production team on the It Gets Better video.
    If you wanted to find out more about the documentary project at large– the goals and aims– you can visit our website.
    You can also watch a new video from the friends of family of the Mormon community.

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