MPAA lowers ‘Bully’ Rating to PG-13

A movie, made to teach teens that violence and harassment on the playground is not okay, will soon be able to be seen by its target audience.

The Weinstein Co. announced on Thursday that, after weeks of haggling with the Motion Picture Association of America over Bully’s R rating, it would re-edit the film in order to receive  a PG-13.

Entertainment Weekly reports,”The edits consisted of removing three of the movie’s six F-words.”

“These edits do not involve a key scene in which teenager Alex Libby was verbally harassed on a school bus..” the magazine reports.

According to a press release from the production company,”The new rating, which came about with the great support from MPAA Chairman Chris Dodd, grants the schools, organizations and cities all around the country who are lined up and ready to screen BULLY, including the National Education Association and the Cincinnati School District, the opportunity to share this educational tool with their children.”

One USA Today reviewer  recently called the documentary film, which follows five teens over the course of a school year,”required viewing for everyone ages 8 to 18.”

Bully offers “a disturbing look at the lack of accountability that surrounds the bullying environment,” wrote the paper’s Claudia Puig.

The movie’s director, Lee Hirsch, tells the Seattle Times that he makes no apologies for the film’s heart wrenching honesty.

“It’s very different from the days when “The Andy Griffith Show” was dealing with it, and yet bullying is still the same. What’s changing are attitudes about it. In the past, my father was saying, “That’s life, kid. Suck it up. Stand up for yourself.” The sense was that this was a rite of passage. People are challenging that,” Hirsch told the newspaper.

According to the film’s website, Bully is scheduled to open nationwide on April 13th.

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