Idaho’s Anti-Bullying Measure Dies in House Ed Committee

A bill that would have strengthened Idaho’s anti-bullying law appears to be dead after being held hostage by the House Education Committee.

According to the Coeur d’Alene Press, Republican Rep. Bob Nonini, the chairman of the education committee, refused to give the bill a hearing because he didn’t feel it was necessary.

“There is no need for lawmakers to impose additional anti-bullying policies on schools,” Nonini tells the newspaper.

Rep. Brian Cronin of Boise, a co-sponsor of the bill, tried unsuccessfully to use a parliamentary procedure in order to pull the bill out of committee for consideration by the full House.

“I am dismayed that my Republican colleagues refuse to even let the bill be heard and debated. Today’s action sends the unfortunate message to victims of bullies that they are on their own,” Cronin said in a press release on Tuesday.

According to the release, “the anti-bullying bill, which passed the Senate 25 to 8, would direct Idaho’s 115 school districts to develop clear anti-bullying policies and procedures.”

Idaho State Senator Nicole LeFavour, D-Boise, was a sponsor and strong advocate of the legislation.  As we reported earlier today, Nonini told The Idaho Statesman on Wednesday morning that he was offended by a dvd copy of the film,”Brokeback Mountain,” mailed to him by LeFavour at Christmas. 

Currently, Idaho has the fourth highest suicide rate in the nation. Studies have shown that those who have been bullied and or harassed at school can be affected by the actions well into their adult years.

Among other things, the bill would have clarified, “the definition of bullying in Idaho schools, an infraction; required school districts to have policies and to train staff on the issue, and to report and address cases of bullying.”


2 Responses to Idaho’s Anti-Bullying Measure Dies in House Ed Committee

  1. SHARON BREVIK says:

    What is wrong with the representatives of this state? You are now classed (nationwide poll) with Mississippi —–at the bottom of the states in regard to citizens rights. The Legislature and State has prided itself as “one of the top places in the Nation to live”. I have news for you. No one in their right mind will come to Idaho to live or start a business if you continue to vote or not even introduce a bill to Congress on “the rights of citizens”. Not to hear or introduce (2) Two important pieces of Legislation e.g., “Add the Words” and “Anti-bullying”, is disgraceful. These bills have been accepted in 99 % of states with Idaho being one of the most backward.

    Is this state looking for new business to come to Idaho? Yes, but forget it when a Corporation checks to see how backward we are. Why would you allow a business of any kind to fire a person for being gay……………..or prevent them from living in a house or apartment of their choice? THIS IS DISCRIMINATION AT THE VERY CORE OF HUMAN RIGHTS……………..AND NOT TO EVEN TO HAVE A STATE LAW IN PLACE FOR ANTI-BULLYING IS PATHETIC.


  2. Mark Edwards says:

    That’s it, Republicans. Keep up the good work on doing nothing for the common Idahoan. An anti-bullying law can’t possibly be that important to your constituents, right?

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