Same-Sex Families Soon to be able to Re-Enter Country Together


The Federal Government has announced that it will purpose a rule change that would allow same-sex couples and their children to stay together when re-entering the country.

According to The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force,”previously, same-sex couples and their children had to use different forms and go through separately unless they could prove they were related “by blood, marriage, or adoption.”

U.S. Customs and Border Protection says the change, scheduled to be purposed on Tuesday,”will allow thousands of additional returning residents to file customs declarations as a family unit rather than filing a declaration for every person re-entering the country. Aside from increased efficiency, the proposed rule expands the positive treatment and recognition of LGBT people and families across the country.”

“The proposed rule will broaden the CBP’s definition of family to include the children of same-sex partners, regardless of adoption status. The definition will also include same-sex partners by focusing on sharing of financial assets and obligations instead of the sex of the two people when determining what a couple is, which includes civil unions and domestic partnerships,” The Task Force reports.

According to the Family Equality Council, which pushed for the purposed change, the new rule would save,”hassle for those families and nearly 75,000 hours a year of customs agents’ time.”

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