“Frothy Mix” Update: If You’re Buddhist, Muslim, or Gay Get Out!!!

If you have been wondering exactly what a “Frothy Mix’ presidential administration would look like, check out this freighting video of Greenwell Springs Baptist Church pastor Dennis Terry introducing Rick and Family Research Council president Tony Perkins in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Saturday night.

You might recall the right-wing fascists tripped all over themselves to blast President Obama for his relationship with black pastor Jeremiah Wright.  Wright, is known for preaching against discrimination, poverty and helping the down trodden. Terry  just wants y’all to get out….now!



One suspects the talking heads who blasted Wright will pretty much ignore Terry’s remarks because, well, he’s white  and “one of us, y’ all”.  But, if there is any question about whether or not Santorum supports such hateful rhetoric, check out this video of Santorum’s policies in action.  On Friday he and his staff had Timothy Tross and Ben Clifford thrown out of a rally in Arlington Heights, Illinois.  Their crime?  The two men took Romans 16:16 literally and decided to greet each other with a holy kiss…..

(Kiss comes in at about 2:03…)



When asked whether the kiss was a public display of affection or merely a symbolic act, Tross and Clifford of Algonquin declined to comment.

“I don’t think the message should be about what my sexuality is,” Tross tells the Palatine Patch. “It’s the message that he’s [Santorum] saying about sexuality that matters.”


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