Action Alert: Idaho Lawmakers to Consider Strengthening Anti-Bullying Law

A bill that would, among other things, require school districts in Idaho to take action when bullying occurs will receive a public hearing this Wednesday, March 7th, from 1:30-3:00 PM at the statehouse.

According to KBOI-TV in Boise, the bill would also,”..define Cyber-bullying as “the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate and hostile behavior by an individual or group of students or minors involved in a school-related activity that is intended to harm a student. Such act of harassment, intimidation or bullying may be committed through the use of a land line, car phone or wireless telephone or through the use of data or computer software that is accessed through a computer system. The bill also seeks to strengthen whether or not a violation of the bullying law is a criminal infraction.”

Currently Idaho has the fourth highest suicide rate in the nation. Studies have shown that those who have been bullied and or harassed at school can be affected by the actions well into their adult years.

Idaho State Senator Nicole LeFavour said in an email on Monday that,”We need parents, students & teachers to testify on Idaho’s new proposed Bullying Prevention legislation.”

LeFavour writes,”While it is already against the law to bully other students in Idaho, every week the State Department of Education gets more the one complaint from parents at a loss because their school will not take action to prevent their child from being bullied. It’s time to make Idaho’s law more effective.”

While the new bill is not specifically aimed at LGBT students, strengthening the law would make it easier to combat non-gender conforming and sexual orientation bullying as well.

Click HERE to read the purposed legislation.

What: Anti-Bullying Public Hearing.

When: Wednesday March 7, 1:30-3:00 PM

Where: Senate Judiciary & Rules Committee room in the underground wing of the Capitol off 8th St. in Boise.

Who: Parents, Students & Teachers


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