National Journal Raises Questions Reguarding Romney’s Ties to Vandersloot

A columnist for a respected Washington beltway magazine has highlighted Glenn Greenwald’s Salon. com article and is asking some interesting question.

Chris Frates writes for the National Journal. After recapping the media attention Greenwald’s article has garnered thus far, Frates points out that, ‘”the VanderSloot storyline — ultra-wealthy businessman uses his clout to kick around the little guys — only serves to widen the perceived gulf between Romney’s world and the real world, where voters actually live. And unlike owning a couple of Caddies or making a $10,000 bet, Romney would be hard pressed to explain it away as a product of success.”

He goes on to ask the following,”Did he, [Romney], know of VanderSloot’s reported pattern of threatening journalists critical of his interests? Does Romney agree with that response? And does Romney stand by VanderSloot?

Frates says he has posed the questions to a Romney spokeswoman but has thus far received no response.

Click HERE to read the full article.


3 Responses to National Journal Raises Questions Reguarding Romney’s Ties to Vandersloot

  1. Jal Marie says:

    I’m also wondering if VanderSloot, given his tactics of using his money to remain hidden is a major donor to National Organization For Marriage, NOM. Who also have been operating in secrecy.

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