Cherie Buckner-Webb To Run For LeFavour’s Senate Seat

Buckner-Webb, who has been a great ally when it comes to LGBT rights in Idaho, announced on Friday that she plans to run for the seat being vacated by retiring State Senator Nicole LeFavour.

Buckner-Webb has worked on countless human rights issues throughout her life and holds the distinction of being the first African-American elected to the Idaho Legislature in 2010.

“Following discussions with democratic leaders within and others outside the Legislature, I will file for the Senate seat in District 19 and look forward to working collaboratively to effectively serve my constituents. I do so acknowledging the greats who have preceded me: Senators Gail Bray, Sue Reents, Betsy Dunklin, Mike Burkett and Nicole LeFavour,”she said in a press-release.

LeFavour, who  has served for terms in the State Legislature has given her endorsement to Buckner-Webb,”I leave the Senate excited to know that Representative Cherie Buckner-Webb will seek election to my seat this year. Cherie brings a huge depth of knowledge, passion and power to the Senate.”

Click HERE to learn more. 


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