Greenwald Article Punctuates Need to “Add the Words”

In case you missed it, there is a quote from Glenn Greenwald’s piece on Friday that warrants highlighting.  Given the continued stonewalling of the bill that would keep LGBT Idahoans from being fired from their jobs solely because of their sexuality or gender identity, the last sentence in this paragraph, dealing with the reporting of the Boy Scout coverup in Eastern Idaho, is a poster child for passing the “Add the Words” bill if there ever was one…

“Zuckerman’s editor, Dean Miller, explained: “Our reporter, Peter Zuckerman, was not ‘out’ to anyone but family, a few colleagues at the paper (including me), and his close friends”; but after VanderSloot outed him to his community in that ad, “strangers started ringing Peter’s doorbell at midnight. His partner of five years was fired from his job.”

(Click HERE to read Greenwald’s  full article.)

Granted, the Miller quote doesn’t specifically tell us why Zuckerman’s boyfriend was fired, but it’s a pretty safe bet it wasn’t because he was caught selling LDS literature out the back door of their apartment.

How many more people have to lose their jobs, be kicked out of their homes or be afraid of filing a police report because someone has discovered that they are gay, bisexual or transgender?

Every day that the leadership in the Idaho Legislature ignores the plights of those the bill would benefit is a day that another very real person could be forced into poverty, homelessness, and the victim of an unreported crime because he or she feared that they would be “outed.”

Click HERE and ask the members of the Senate State Affairs Committee to reconsider their vote not to give the bill a hearing.

There are also several actions scheduled for this week at the Capital Building in Boise in which you can show your support for the bill. Click HERE for more information.


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