Will Washington State’s Voter Initiative Become another “Mormon Proposition”?

Is the LDS Church on its way to involving itself in another Prop 8-like  showdown? It’s too early to tell but we do know that there’s been some talking going on.

According to Mormons for Marriage, Less than 24 hours after filing  Referendum 74 with the state’s attorney general’s office, “Joseph Backholm of the Family Policy Institute of Washington and John Paulton of Focus on the Family (has) met with “Mormon Church Leaders” in Washington.  A staffer at the Family Policy Institute initially disclosed the meeting by phone, the meeting was later confirmed directly by Joseph Backholm.”

Backholm is a real sweet guy.  On the day Washington’s Governor signed the marriage equality bill, His group released a statement indicating marriage should only be used in cases of baby manufacturing,”Marriage is the union of one man and one woman for good reason,” wrote Backholm. “Marriage is society’s way of bringing men and women together so that children can be raised by, and cared for by, their mother and father – the people responsible for bringing them into the world.”

Meanwhile, Focus on the Family can’t really afford to be a player in the hate game without the LDS church’s involvement.  It’s been a little strapped for cash as of late. The Christian Post reported last fall Focus on the Family’s, “budget declined from $160 million for fiscal year 2008-2009 to $138 million for 2009-2010, and is expected to continue its downward slide for the current fiscal year.”

According to MSNBC,”The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which has been criticized for strongly encouraging its members to support Proposition 8, assigned a dollar value of nearly $190,000 to its role in getting the California initiative passed. More than half, or $97,000, went to the time staff of the Utah-based Mormon Church devoted to the Yes on 8 campaign, according to the church’s report. Another $21,000 was for the use of church buildings and equipment during the campaign. Most of the rest went to airline tickets, hotels and meals for church officials.”

That $190,000 doesn’t include the vast number of church members who attended anti-equality “firesides”, volunteered with “Yes” on Prop 8, or gave donations of their own.

Mormons for Marriage points out that,”It is unknown what was discussed or agreed to at (this weeks) meeting, or which church leaders attended.”

For a good idea of just how large the church’s role in Prop 8 was, be sure to check out the documentary, 8: A Mormon Proposition:




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