More Insult to the Injury! Senator McGee to Idaho’s LGBT Community: “We’re Moving On”

Add the Words, Idaho volunteers met at Idaho’s Capital building again on Monday to ask Senate Majority Caucus Chair John McGee to reconsider his stance on amending Idaho’s Human Rights Act.

Supporters held up signs while,  just feet away, state Idaho’s Republican leaders helped launch Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador’s re-election bid. The crowd gathered on the statehouse steps included Idaho’s Governor Butch Otter, House Speaker Lawerence Denney, Labrador and of course Senator John McGee.

Just feet away from Raul Labrador's Re-Election kick off

Following the action, McGee showed more of the same insensitive attitude toward Idaho’s LGBT community that he has been displaying since last Friday’s print hearing, “I appreciate their concern, and their disappointment,” McGee told KBOI-TV in Boise, “but we’ve got a job to do here and we’re moving on.”

Add the Words, Idaho organizer Lisa Perry tells the Idaho Agenda that for those who could be fired from their jobs for simply being who they are there is no “moving on”. “Discrimination is something that happens everyday in Idaho. Once again, Senator McGee has shown a lack of understanding of just how vital the Add the Words Bill is to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. The issue won’t go away just because McGee and other committee  members have chosen to ignore it.”

On Friday, McGee told the Spokesman-Review he acknowledged that discrimination does occur against gays and lesbians in Idaho, but said he believed that “continued education” was the answer.

Perry says Add the Words, Idaho volunteers are planning to do just that. “We plan to continue with our education efforts like today’s in hopes that Senator McGee will reconsider adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the Human Rights Act. Senator McGee is right, he does have a job to do. We ask him to pass this bill and let every Idahoan know that they are valued!”

Actions similar to today’s are planned at the Idaho Statehouse throughout the rest of the week.

Click HERE for more information on this week’s actions.

If you can’t make it to Boise, KEEP UP the pressure! Call or email the  Republican members of the Senate State Affairs Committee and ask them to reconsider their votes on the Add the Words bill:

Sen. McKenzie: (208) 367-9400
Sen. McGee: (208) 455-3950
Sen. Lodge:
Sen. Winder: (208) 343-2300
Sen. Fulcher: (208) 332-1340
Sen Davis: (208) 522-8100
Sen. Hill: (208) 356-3677


5 Responses to More Insult to the Injury! Senator McGee to Idaho’s LGBT Community: “We’re Moving On”

  1. joshua Evan says:

    Seeing how we can get fired for being gay, I would like to Fire him for being str8 maybe he might change his mind when he realizes his jobs on the line too.

  2. “Continuing education” cannot happen without the legislation. The bigots see the law, and they see the opposition of state senators to amendment, and they feel vindicated. They feel right, and will not be educated. Change the law, show how much the law disapproves of bigots, and they can be educated.

  3. Ben Wilson says:

    Sunday School is the only education they have any regard for, and clearly then they only cherry pick the portions of Christian doctrine they wish to follow.

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