Protests against Idaho Senate Majority Caucus Chair John McGee Planned

It could be a long week for Idaho state Senator John McGee. Add the Words, Idaho volunteers plan to picket the Senate Majority Caucus Chair for comments he made following Friday’s print hearing of a bill that would add,”sexual orientation and gender identity to Idaho’s human rights law.

McGee was one of seven Republicans on the State Affairs Committee that voted against the legislation.

According to a Facebook invitation,”McGee is out of touch– wrong for his district, wrong for Idaho! Let’s gather at the statehouse and let him know how we feel about his feelings regarding the LGBT community in Idaho.”

McGee told the Spokesman-Review on Friday,“There’s lots of groups who don’t have that ability as well, so the issue becomes, where does it stop? Where do those special categories end?”

Add the Words, Idaho volunteers say folks should,”come prepared! Wear an Add the Words shirt and bring your signs, symbolizing your favorite Senator McGee talking point and show the Caldwell Senator what it is like to be targeted at work for JUST BEING WHO YOU ARE.”

According to the invites,”The event time may vary according to the schedule for that day.” The first picket against McGee is scheduled for Monday afternoon, February 13th at 11:30 am at the Idaho Capital building. Two similar invites were sent out for Tuesday and Wednesday.


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