Lawmakers advance “Don’t Teach Sex Ed” Bill in Utah

A bill that would allow school districts to “opt out” of teaching sex education classes has been sent to the house floor. Originally the bill also included language that prohibited any discussion of  homosexuality, contraception or sex outside of marriage as well,  but it was amended during a committee hearing on Thursday.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune,”The committee, in the last few minutes of its meeting, voted 8-7 to amend the bill to remove the ban on discussing contraception, homosexuality and sex outside marriage. Instead, the revised bill prohibits only the advocacy of those activities, along with instruction in the “use” of contraceptives.”

Current law in Utah requires sex education classes for high school students, with a parental “opt-out” option. Current policy also the courses take an “abstinence only” stance.

According to the Tribune,” whether the amendment would mean teachers would still be allowed to discuss contraception under the bill was somewhat unclear Thursday night.”

While the number of teen pregnancies and STIs are lower then the rest of the nation, a new study released by the Centers for Disease Control reviled some staggering information when it comes to teen pregnancy in the Bee Hive state.

According to KUTV, “About 49% of Utah’s teen mothers between 15 and 19 years old say the reason for not using contraception when an unintended pregnancy occurred was because they did not think they could get pregnant. Whereas, only 35% of the teen moms interviewed nationwide thought the same thing.”

In Utah, 2,551 residents are infected with HIV.

Utah has no state funding for family planning services for low-income women


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