Religious Right Inspired “Kill the Gays” Bill Back in Uganda

One of the most horrific pieces of legislation in the world has been reintroduced in Uganda. According to the Herald-Sun, “David Bahati, the MP behind the bill, formally reintroduced the legislation after politicians voted last year to automatically pass it over to the new session after failing to debate it.” r

As we reported last fall,”Michael Airhart at “Truth Winds Out” explains that the American anti-gay religious fascists are directly tied to the horrific bill,” In 2009, Exodus International director  Don Schmierer traveled to Uganda and co-keynoted what became the launch conference for the kill-the-gays legislation. Along with Holocaust revisionist Scott Lively and Caleb Lee Brundidge — an acolyte of discredited therapist Richard Cohen — the Exodus board member assured Ugandans that parental upbringing and religious infidelity were to blame for any increase in undesirable sexual honesty and authenticity in their country — and that legal sanctions combined with Christian ex-gay therapy could rid their land of homosexuals.”

“Politicians applauded Bahati as the bill – which US President Barack Obama has described as “odious” – was introduced, clapping their hands, thumping the seats in parliament and chanting “our bill,” reports the Sun.

A U.S. State Department spokeswoman  tells the MetroWeekly,”Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill is “manifestly inconsistent with Uganda’s international human rights obligations.”

State Department spokesperson Hilary Fuller Renner said in a statement, the U.S. remains attuned to the possibility that Parliament could take action on the Bahati bill, and we continue to raise these concerns with senior Ugandan officials.”

“According to its original text, the bill’s objectives are to “provide for marriage in Uganda as that contracted only between a man and a woman; to prohibit and penalize homosexual behavior and related practices in Uganda as they constitute a threat to the traditional family; to prohibit ratification of any international treaties, conventions, protocols, agreements and declarations which are contrary or inconsistent with the provisions of this Act; and, to prohibit the licensing of organizations which promote homosexuality,” reports the website.

For an excellent read on American ties to the bill, be sure to check out Jody-May Chang’s 2010  Boise Weekly feature piece, “Exporting Homophobia: American far-right conservative churches establish influence on anti-gay policy in Africa”


5 Responses to Religious Right Inspired “Kill the Gays” Bill Back in Uganda

  1. Sharp Dressed says:

    Where does the bill say to kill the gays?

  2. @Sharp Dressed. The original draft called for the death penalty for some homosexual acts, one of the reasons the bill received so much attention. According Melanie Nathan’s interview with David Bahati on Tuesday, the original AHB was re-introduced without changes. It’s dubbed “kill the gays” bill because of not only the language in the original bill but also because of the hate it has inspired.
    Here is a more in depth report on the specific language of the bill:

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  4. Dc says:

    This bil does NOT say “Kill the Gays”! Why aren’t you more interested in the Islamic slayings of millions of Christians and other faiths? And please, Uganda is a soverign nation and Americans did NOT influence this bill! This is what Ugandans want, not a country like America that bends over for “gay rights” by imposing their rights over everyone else.

  5. Dc says:


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