ACTION ALERT: Contact Members of the State Affairs Committee and Ask Them To Support The Human Rights Amendment!

The bill that would add “Sexual orientation and gender identity” to the Idaho human rights law will have print hearing this Friday, February 8th. What happens after that is up to you.

Insiders say if five of the members vote to print the bill, it will in all likelihood get the public hearing it deserves.

Add the Words, Idaho organizers are asking you to take the time to call or email the following lawmakers and ask them to VOTE YES on the Human rights amendment bill.

Time is of the essence! Organizers say in order for your voice to count you need to contact them before 5:00 pm, Thursday February 7th.

Just click on the Senator’s name to shoot him or her an email. Remember to be respectful. It’s important to show our appreciation for their support.

Sen. McKenzie: (208) 367-9400
Sen. McGee: (208) 455-3950
Sen. Lodge:
Sen. Winder: (208) 343-2300
Sen. Fulcher: (208) 332-1340
Sen Davis: (208) 522-8100
Sen. Hill: (208) 356-3677

You are also encouraged to attend the print hearing this Friday morning. Click HERE for more information. 



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