Motivated by Hate: Eastern Idaho Attack Victim Speaks Out

The victim of Saturday night’s attack outside of Club Charleys, a popular night club  in Pocatello catering to the LGBT community, is starting to talk about it.

The victim, who chose to remain anonymous, tells The Bannock Alternative that the attack happened as he was leaving the bar after a night of dancing.

“A few guys were outside, calling him a “fag” and a “queer,” but he said he didn’t respond. A friend of his came to his defense, which led to one of the men running into him. It wasn’t that a big of a deal, he said, but when he got to his car he realized he dropped his ID back by the bar. When he went back to get it, he was jumped,” reports the paper.

The victim says he suffered,”a badly-bruised upper cheekbone, a bruised jawbone and some bruising to his stomach and chest.”

On Tuesday he told the Idaho Agenda that he was struggling with going public about the attack for fear of what his family and friends might go through.

A police report regarding the incident has been filed and police are working to identify the attackers.

Currently Idaho does not have any specific LGBT hate crimes law on its books and in order for the federal hate crimes act to kick in the crime has to “impede the movement of members of targeted groups and force them to move across state lines to escape the incidence or risk or prevent victims from purchasing goods and services or cross state lines in some way or be committed on an interstate highway.”

Still, the victim is to be applauded.

Following a rash of hate motivated crimes in Boise last fall, those helping to educate the community said the most courageous step a victim can take is to report the incidents to the authorities.

Unfortunately, because of the lack of protections under Idaho’s current  human rights law, a victim will often times not got the police out of fear of “outing” themselves or putting their jobs and or housing situation in jeopardy.

An attack like Saturday’s can also leave a group feeling vulnerable and afraid, “That’s what a hate crime does. It makes a whole community live in fear, It sends a message to those targeted that we are coming after you.” explained Idaho State Senator Nicole LeFavour last fall.

It can also make a community stronger.

In this case,  those close to the incident say the response has been nothing short of amazing, “I am just so overwhelmed from the positive responses I have been receiving it brings me to tears,’ the victim wrote to the Agenda on Tuesday.

Gina Lee, a close friend of the victim’s family, set up a reward fund for any information leading to the arrest of the attackers.  The Bannock Alternative reports that fund, as of Wednesday, had grown to more than $900.00.

If you were in the area on Saturday night and saw anything or if you know anything about the attackers, you can contact the Pocatello Police Department or message your tips to the Pocatello Pride via its Facebook page.

If you would like to donate to the reward fund you can do so by messaging DjGina Lee HERE. 

Click HERE to learn more about amending Idaho’s human rights act to make sure that ALL of its citizens feel safe to report crimes such as this one.


3 Responses to Motivated by Hate: Eastern Idaho Attack Victim Speaks Out

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  2. Jeannette Scott says:

    Disgusting can’t believe that somebody’s job or housing may be at risk because of their sexual orientation-does Idaho live in the dark ages?
    Until there was a cultural change here in the UK & the law was changed & Police & Legal Authorities educated on Equality & protection & prosecution then attacks like this one went unreported & nobody was called to account.
    It would be nice to think that Society has evolved & that hate crimes like these didn’t happen but there will always be people who hate BUT there should be protection under law for the victims.
    Education is a big key.People have to understand that GLTG are also sons daughters,parents,teachers,Doctors,truck drivers.That they pay their taxes & shop for food.What they do behind closed doors does not give anybody the right to attack physically verbally or economically.

  3. Trevor says:

    Please report all hate crime, especially when you see it happening. I hope all heal from this attack and at godspeed.

    I also ask that the woman from Colorado who was brutally beaten and hospitalized by BPD thugs on the Friday just before xmas in our lovely Downtown…..heals. They dislocated and broke her arm…then crushed her face into the concrete. There may have been hundreds of witneesss and now she needs reconstructive operations. The ‘protect and serve’ goodlookingguys in uniform did this to her…..Nazi behaviors will no longer be tolerated in America. Please report the crime.. This is bravery folks….support your victims. They are fighting for your rights too. Love all….hate none.

    Call me if you need help or have?s reporting. Until all wars cease….. White Buffalo

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