Utah Lawmakers Mull Over Adoption Equality Bill

A bill that would allow gay and unwed couples to adopt was introduced at the Utah legislature on Tuesday.  Executive Director of Equality Utah Brandie Balken tells Fox13,“the bill would have substantial impact on the state’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual community by allowing them to adopt. ”

The bill’s sponsor, State Sen. Ross Romero tells the TV station that if his bill were to become law,”The parent could be able to designate a co-parent to raise the child, whether that person is a sister, brother, or significant other.”

According to Q Salt Lake, as the law stands now,”In Utah, any “person who is cohabiting in a relationship that is not in a legally valid and binding marriage” is prohibited from adopting children. This includes heterosexual couples, though those couples have the option of legally marrying to appease the law.”

The Utah Supreme Court has upheld Utah’s law which is considered one of the strictest adoption bans in the country.   Similar bills to allow unmarried couples to adopt have been introduced in the Utah legislator in years past without success.

Currently 11 states explicitly allow same gender adoptions,  33 states, including Idaho, are silent on the issue. Only  Mississippi, which explicitly bans same gender adoptions altogether, has a tougher law.

The writing maybe on the wall however.

A study published last year found,”Gay and lesbian couples who adopt children and live in states with anti-gay adoption laws are more susceptible to mental health issues in their first year as parents than those living in more accepting states,” reports the magazine.

According to census figures, statistics from 2009 show that about 19 percent of same-sex couples in the U.S. say they had adopted a child. The data shows a sharp increase since 2000 when just 8 percent stated the same.



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