GOP Presidential Candidate Round Up: The Looney Tunes Edition

To no one’s surprise, Rick Perry’s out. But  really, did you expect the guy who fashions his wardrobe after old Brokeback Mountain costumes to go straight to the White House? (Yes, every pun in that sentence was truly intended.)

Meanwhile, Newt’s family values appears to be more inline with Mitt Romeny’s Great Grandfather Miles then with the,”one man-one woman” stuff we typically hear from the camp on the right. Don’t worry though, Rush Limbaugh tells us, “everybody has an angry spouse.” Rush, who is on his fourth marriage, is sure to know a thing a to about angry ex-wives.

Newt’s sister, Candace Gingrich-Jones, who is a lesbian, is staying out of the whole mess by voting for Obama.

Speaking of Mittens,  now that Rick Santorum has been proclaimed the promised one by the likes of James Dobson and Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, American Family Association’s favorite hatemonger, Bryan Fischer, appears to backtracking on his stance on the LDS faith.

Readers of the Idaho Agenda will recall that leading up to the GOP primaries Fischer bent over backwards trying to convince his Mormon fan base that he was on their side.  Thanks to independent journalist Jody May-Chang ,we learned that Fischer was really just speaking out of both sides of his mouth.



The “don’t attack the Mormons”  fund-raising strategy no longer appears to be on the money changer’s tables at the AFA.  Fischer  has pretty much imploded his relationship with his “good LDS friends” by declaring that Mormonism is a false religion and now says that he’s concerned what,”a worshiper of a false god occupied the White House” would mean for  the future of America.

No real friend of the LGBTQIA community to begin with, we can probably expect Romney to move even more to the right  as he tries to “prove” himself to the fascist flock.  Dumb mistake, since the majority of Americans support some sort of LGBTQIA equality  but then nobody has exactly ever accused Mitts of being the smartest man in the room.

Finely, it’s a pretty safe bet that “Frothy Mix” Rick Santorum, who said this week that,“children of lesbian parents are worse off than children with a father in prison,” doesn’t read the Idaho Agenda, nor does he deal very much with reality.  If he did, he’d know that kids raised by lesbian couples actually do just as well or even better than kids raised by straight couples.

But then, Santorum also believes that there’s no difference between Mitt Romney and President Obama when it comes to LGBTQIA rights.

All this and it’s only January 19th…only ten more months to go.

One Response to GOP Presidential Candidate Round Up: The Looney Tunes Edition

  1. Brandon says:

    not a single comment about ron paul? seriously? the one republican candidate who will at least treat LGBT with some respect and no honorable mention…

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