Idaho’s Anti-Bullying Bill To Receive Full Senate Hearing

A bill that would require school officials to intervene in cases of student harassment and bullying was introduced to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday.

The bill, presented by the The Suicide Prevention Action Network of Idaho, would require individual schools to set specific policies for dealing with which a student  harasses, intimidates or bullies their classmates.

According to the Associated Press, “educators would also be required to undertake efforts to help educate students about the consequences of bullying, as well as develop graduated punishments for kids who are mistreating others.”

Senator Shirley McKague, a Republican from Meridian, tells the Spokesman-Review“What we have doesn’t seem to be working, and we need to fix it.”

According to a study released last year,”Nearly 44 percent of gay male participants said they had been bullied in the previous year, compared with 26 percent of heterosexuals who reported the same.

For girls, 40 percent of lesbians indicated they had been bullied in the past year, while just over 15 percent of heterosexuals reported such. About 35 percent of bisexual and mostly homosexual guys had been bullied and about 25 percent of their female counterparts.”

A U.S. government study, titled Report of the Secretary’s Task Force on Youth Suicide, published in 1989, found that LGBTQIA youth are four times more likely to attempt suicide than other young people.

In September, The Center for Preventing Hate released a disturbing report regarding bullying and harassment among Pocatello’s high school students. The report found, among other things, common slurs like “whore” and “fag” along with more extreme ones like “ni–er” and “c-nt” are reportedly used daily. (Read more on that HERE.)

The bill, identical to a measure that passed the senate last year but failed to receive a vote in the house, cleared the committee unanimously.


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