Support for Marriage Equality Grows Amoung Washington State Lawmakers

Washington state lawmakers  may well be on their way to passing legislation allowing for same gender marriage.  According to a headcount by the Associated Press, out of  Washington’s 49 state senators, 22 are in favor legislation allowing same gender marriages. Such legislation is believed to be able to make it through the  more progressive house without much opposition.

According to the AP, “The measure needs 25 votes to pass the Senate. Four Democrats say they are considering whether to support it, including one who is leaning in favor.”

Support for marriage Equality has grown among Washington’s lawmakers over the last couple of years.  Governor Chris Gregoire publicly endorsed gay marriage for the first time last week and a few state lawmakers once considered anti-gay now either support or are considering supporting the act.

Democratic Sen. Ed Murray, a gay lawmaker from Seattle who has for years led efforts to approve same-sex marriage, tells the AP,that “he’s “50 percent optimistic” it will pass. He noted that he saw a gay civil rights measure he spearheaded lose by one vote in 2005 before it passed by a single vote the following year.”

Think Progress reports, “A recent poll conducted by the University of Washington Center for Survey Research in October found that 55 percent of voters in Washington “would support a state gay marriage law if it’s approved by the Legislature.”

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