Study: Children of Lesbian Parents Experince Less Abuse than Straight Counterparts

A new study by the Williams Institute reports that out of 78 17-year olds who were raised by lesbian couples, none of them reported any physical or sexual  abuse while growing up.

That is well below the average for teens raised in straight parents homes where, according to the Huffington Post, “26 percent of American adolescents report parent or caregiver physical abuse and 8.3 percent  sexual abuse.”

According to researchers,””the absence of child abuse in lesbian mother families is particularly noteworthy, because victimization of children is pervasive and its consequences can be devastating. To the extent that our findings are replicated by other researchers, these reports from adolescents with lesbian mothers have implications for healthcare professionals, policymakers, social service agencies, and child protection experts who seek family models in which violence does not occur.”

The research falls inline with a 2008 study published by a researcher at the University of California at Berkeley, which found that “there is no evidence that the development of children with lesbian or gay parents is compromised in any significant respect relative to that among children of heterosexual parents in otherwise comparable circumstances. ”

As for the myth that gay parents tend to raise gay kids? The study found that only 2.8 percent of those surveyed identify as being gay or lesbian.



2 Responses to Study: Children of Lesbian Parents Experince Less Abuse than Straight Counterparts

  1. Jani says:

    I think this is fantastic. I read it a few days ago and shared it wherever I could. Good job James.

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