No Place Like Home: Salt Lake City named Gayest City In America

If you’ve ever spent anytime in Salt Lake at all you know that not only is it the HomoMo (Gay Mormon) capital of the world, meaning it has lots of boys with really, really white teeth, but it’s also a great city to party in as well.

According to the Advocate, Salt Lake is more than just “is that a book of Mormon in your pocket or are you  just happy to see me” pick up lines and temple tours.   From “the eco-friendly nightclub Jam (, though the sustainable bamboo flooring is perhaps less of a draw than the packed dance floor. The Coffee Garden (878 South 900 East) is a gathering spot for those looking for a caffeine fix, the Sundance Film Festival brings LGBT film buffs to screenings downtown, and lesbian-owned Meditrina ( is a true wine bar.”

“Ratings incorporated such stats as how many GLBT bookstores are in a city, how many nude yoga classes are offered, how many city softball teams compete in the Gay Softball World Series, even how many “Mr. Leather Competition” semifinalists hail from the area,” reports the Salt Lake City Tribune.

Valerie Larabee, director of the Utah Pride Center in Salt Lake tells the paper, “All humor aside, I think that our city has come a long way. If we were to rate the cities that have made the greatest amount of progress over the last 10 years, I think we certainly would rank among the top.”

The paper also points out that Salt Lake also offers anti-discrimination protections and an openly gay elected official — City Councilman Stan Penfold.

In 2009, The Mormon Church announced its support of gay rights legislation, an endorsement that helped gain unanimous approval for Salt Lake city laws banning discrimination against gays in housing and employment. So Far though the church has been silent on an effort to get a similar measure passed here in Idaho.


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