New Poll Shows Bipartisan Support For LGBTQIA Employment Protections

A new survey conducted by the Human Rights Campaign shows a strong majority of Americans support protecting gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people from discrimination in the workplace.

According to a HRC press release,”There is strong support for anti-discrimination laws across party lines (70 percent among Republicans) and ideological lines (67 percent among conservatives). Support is strong even among groups who tend to be tougher on LGBT issues, such as seniors (69 percent among voters over 65), those with a high school degree or less (68 percent), observant Christians (77 percent), born-again Christians (74 percent), and residents of  the Deep South (72 percent).”

“Overall, 77 percent of voters support protecting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people from discrimination in employment. Over half (51 percent) support anti-discrimination laws strongly,” the HRC reports.

So why aren’t we moving faster on such legislation? As Think Progress points out,”a majority also falsely believe that such a law already exists.”

Like with anything education is a major key in getting anti-discrimination laws passed.  Here in Idaho, one GOP state lawmaker told me he didn’t see a point in adding sexual orientation and  gender identity to the Idaho human rights law. The lawmaker falsely believed that such protections were already in place at the federal level.

“We are at a cultural tipping point in the fight for LGBT equality,” said HRC President Joe Solmonese.  “Support for employment protections for LGBT workers is tipping the scale even further toward fairness for all people.  What is most promising is that people of all political, religious, and ideological persuasions clearly support non-discrimination laws protecting LGBT people.”

If we are ever going to see such legislation on both the state and or federal level it’s going to take you, your family and your friends to get it done. Start a conversation, learn all you can about the lack of protections for the LGBTQIA community and share that information every time you get the opportunity.

If you live in Idaho, take the extra step of asking those you know to write a few sticky notes and send them to their state lawmakers asking them to amend Idaho’s human rights law to include the words, “gender identity and sexual orientation.” 

The Add the Words, Idaho campaign has made it easier than ever to get involved this year. You can even submit your message to lawmakers by text or online.

According to Idaho Fair Employment, “a 2003 survey of 1500 gay people in Idaho found that the vast majority had experienced some form of job discrimination. The human rights commission, even though it is unable to provide mediation or investigation into such complaints, still does receive complaints each year from individuals who do not know that discrimination is still legal in Idaho”

We know we have the support, the next step is to make sure that support gets noticed.


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