Watch as LDS Church Silences Member for Testimony Against Prop 8

Try as it might to deny it, the truth is the LDS church had a bigger role in the passage of California’s ban on same gender marriage then most people realize.  While certainly not the only religious organization supporting the proposition, it can not be denied that its huge network of  members, media and money was utilized  in a big way to ensure Prop 8’s passage.

This video of a brave LDS member testifying against the church’s involvement during what’s known within the church as a “Fast and Testimony meeting” in 2009 speaks volumes.  For one, it shows that not every LDS member supports the churches anti-marriage equality stance.  It also shows  just what happens when a member tries to respectively speak out against institutionalized discrimination during a meeting in which members  are encouraged to openly share what’s on their hearts and minds.



(Editor’s note: So far the man’s identity remains a mystery as does the outcome of his brave act one his testimony was finished. If anyone has any further information on this video email it to


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