What if “Someday” Wasn’t an Option? How America Failed Derence Kernek and Ed Watson

Meet Derence Kernek and Ed Watson.

Last March the couple, who have been together for 40 years, videotaped a plea to the 9th Circuit, asking that the court to allow Judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling to take effect so they could marry.

In the summer of 2010, Derence was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.

But the court didn’t listen, the court didn’t hurry.

On Wednesday night, the excruciatingly slow march toward equality failed this loving couple for good.

“Just wanted to let you know that Ed passed at 10:15 this evening,” The 80- year-old Kernek emailed to friends and supporters from the couple’s home Wednesday night.

Ironically, a panel of judges would be hearing arguments on two separate but major points in the prop 8 battle the very next day.

As if the Alzheimer’s weren’t enough, the LA Times reports, “the couple’s inability to marry deprived Watson of coverage under Kernek’s out-of-state retirement plan, imposing financial hardships.”

When reporters called Kernek for comment on Thursday they got a busy signal. According to a friend, the couples phone had recently been disconnected.

To those that say, “have patience”, I ask you what the hell do you say to Ed?

His “someday” will never ever get here.

His someday was wasted on filing legal briefs and arguing over video tapes and a judge’s sexuality.

His someday was the day his partner could still remember, and today he is alone.

Have patience?


They waited, and waited and waited.

For 40 years they waited.

But,”oh look how far we have come”, right?

“At least they won’t arrest us anymore for being who we are”, at least not most of the time.

At least they show us on TV now, “look how happy the gay people are.”

I wonder, will we ever grow tired of waiting?

Will we ever finally stand up and say enough is enough?

Will “Equality Now” ever be more than a chant and fodder for a great protest sign?

But what if that “someday” just wasn’t an option?


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