When Kathy is Keith: Psychologist Releases Children’s Book Addressing Gender Identity issues

Back in 1989, Lesléa Newman wrote a children’s book addressing the issue of non-traditional parenting.  Heather has two Mommies and it’s gay counterpart Daddy’s Roommate, by Michael Willhoite, gave parents age appropriate tools to help their children understand why their households aren’t like other children’s.

But what if the children themselves discover that they aren’t like other children?

Wallace Wong, a clinical psychologist of the Adolescent and Children Sexual Health Program of the Child and Youth Mental Health Services in Surrey, British Columbia tackles the issue of gender identity in a new book written especily for Children.

Wong tells Straight.Com that,”he was inspired to write this book because many children he counselled had difficulty finding “things they could relate to” and their parents also had trouble finding books about these issues.”

“Wong, who has worked with children and youth with gender and sexual identity issues for over 16 years, feels it’s important for adults to know that such content is meant to help children, not influence them.”

“We still have a long way to go, to have schools and the parents be open up to this,” he says. “For us, as psychologists, we definitely do our share to promote that, but I really think that the government also needs to promote that on a broader level, to let people know this is needed so that people will understand that when you’re talking about transgender, we’re not promoting a kid to be a transgender. But we’re helping people understand this issue…. Talking about gay [issues] doesn’t make you be gay. Talking about transgender [issues] doesn’t make a kid transgender. However, I think it would help someone who is struggling with these issues,” Wong tells the web site.

He hopes the book also gives parents a starting point inwhich to communicate with their children about a subject they themselves may not know much about,” Parents, they have to go through different stages themselves,” he explains. “In the beginning, they tend to deny it. They hope their kids will grow out of it. They are having a tough time. They have to grieve over losing a son or a daughter and welcoming a new gender of a child. And I think that’s a process. It’s not easy for any parent to accept that because no parent has a kid and then think that this kid may be a transgender kid…. It’s tough… [when you have] a dream for your kid and all of a sudden that dream vanishes, and you have to recreate a dream for your kid[’s] future, and at the same time, knowing that society is not so tolerant out there. And I think that is very tough [for] a lot of parents to accept that.”

You can order When Kathy is Keith online at Amazon.com or  through the Xlibris website.

Read the full Straight.Com article HERE. 


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