Her Two Dads: Gay Couple Featured in Parenting Magazine

The article, titled,”The New Normal,” appears in the December edition of Parenting Magazine.  According to the GLAAD news blog, the article,”profiles three different families — one with two gay fathers, another with a single adoptive mother, and a third with a stay-at-home dad. The gay couple, Christopher Fraley and Victor Self, have a 20-month-old daughter they conceived through surrogacy, and have held three separate marriage ceremonies, the most recent being July 24 — the first day same-sex couples could legally marry in the state of New York. Their story, like those of the other families, is told with sensitivity and frankness, acknowledging some of the challenges they face — such as the need to educate their child’s friends — but establishing these difficulties as akin to those of every other American family.”

“Fraley and Self, who have both been media trained by GLAAD, have been featured in a number of pieces about marriage equality. Indeed, they were selected for the Parenting article after the reporter read about their story in her local newspaper,” GLAAD reports.

You can read “The New Normal” online here.

Check out GLAAD’s blog HERE.


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