Re-framing the Marriage Debate: Group launches “Commitment Campaign”

If it seems like the messaging coming from those who support same gender marriage has changed a bit, that’s not by accident. A group  made up of moderate democrats are hoping to gain broader support for marriage equality by shifting from focusing on equal rights to commitment and relationships themselves.

According to the USA Today, The “Third Way” campaign, “has won support from Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, a Democrat; Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee, an independent and former Republican; former New Jersey governor Christine Todd Whitman, a Republican; and Ken Mehlman, former chairman of the Republican National Committee.”

Polling data by released by the group shows they might be onto something. “Advocates have long made the case that legalizing marriage for gays and lesbians is a matter of equality. But those who frame the issue that way might be reinforcing a belief among many Americans in the middle on the issue that gays and lesbians want to marry for different reasons than straight couples, according to polling by Third Way and Grove Insight.”

The USA Today goes onto report that,”When asked why “couples like you” might want to marry, 58% said to “publicly acknowledge their love and commitment to each other.” When asked why gays and lesbians may want to marry, the respondents split between “love and commitment” and “rights and benefits.”

In other words, the switch will focus on the  loving relationships themselves rather then all the same rights and benefits our straight counterparts have been enjoying for years. Not that it’s a bad thing, after all isn’t love what marriage is about in the first place?

The launch of the new campaign comes as the Senate Judiciary Committee is set to consider repealing the Defense of Marriage Act on Thursday.

Read the Full  USA Today Article HERE.

(Note: If you support the repeal effort click here and sign on to the petition.- JT)


3 Responses to Re-framing the Marriage Debate: Group launches “Commitment Campaign”

  1. copy of my comment posted to re DOMA repeal:

    “Defense of Marriage? From what pray tell? Homosexuals have a *great deal more* to fear from bigoted, violent heterosexual homophobes than they could ever in a bazillion years have to fear from us.

    “There are plenty of bullied teens who took daddy’s gun and shot themselves right through their young head from age 11yo upwards, there are plenty of dead gays, murdered by straight strangers just because they were gay, and there are gays with life changing injuries, teeth knocked out, brain injuries, blinded, burned, tortured, and all for what? Just for being different.

    “The likes of you are way more of a threat to us than we could possibly be to you. How dare you ‘defend’ marriage from such a minority as us?

    “We’re working the same long hours you do. We’re paying taxes to subsidise your education, and your children’s education, and possibly your welfare checks too. We fight in the armed forces to defend a country that until recently showed its gratitude for a lifetime of service, by sacking us dishonourably and without benefits.

    “Secular, state based marriage is a universal right. If you’re in a religious sect, you can still hate us, and shut us out, that’s fine, I don’t like your company anyway. You go to your special kind of Heaven with all your haters, and leave us well out of it.

    “And looking at your 50% divorce rate, it seems to me the people that marriage needs the most defending from isn’t us, but your goodselves. The biggest threat to marriage is not us LGBT, it is divorce. You’re undermining marriage all by yourselves, and you don’t even know it.”

    • jamestidmarsh says:

      Brilliant Derek! Things Kim Kardashian’s sham marriage and the 50 percent divorce rate tells me maybe they need to spend a little more time “focusing” on their own families 😉

      • Phil Grover says:

        Exactly! Always easier to blame things on “the other” and find a scapegoat, rather than look at oneself. Reminds me of Lewis Black’s bit about the topic.

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