ACLU: Tips for starting a Gay-Straight Alliance Club in Your School

According to Gay-Straight Alliance Education Network reasearch, “Nearly 9 out of 10 LGBT students experienced harassment at school in the past year and nearly two-thirds felt unsafe because of their sexual orientation.”

That same 2009 study found that,”Having a Gay-Straight Alliance in school was related to more positive experiences for LGBT students, including: hearing fewer homophobic remarks, less victimization because of sexual orientation and gender expression, less absenteeism because of safety concerns and a greater sense of belonging to the school community. ”

So far only a handful of schools across the state have formed GSA clubs. Many students and parents say they don’t know where to start. To help, the American Civil Liberties Union has put together a tip sheet and how-to video….



Here in Idaho the Idaho Safe Schools Coalition as well as the ACLU of Idaho can also help with any questions or problems you may have while setting up your club.


One Response to ACLU: Tips for starting a Gay-Straight Alliance Club in Your School

  1. An excellent initiative. Everyone working together for the common good offers far more hope and better prospects to LGBT students than simplistically resorting to “separate but equal” schools for marginalised LGBT youth. While the underpinning federal law provides essential backbone, it is support of the ACLU at this level that will facilitiate their establishment and ongoing success, and this is to be applauded.

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