Colorado Couple Says Homeowner’s Association Maybe to Blame for Hate Crime

On Friday night someone  left a noose on Christel Conklin and her partner Aimee Whitchurch’s front door.  Whoever did it clearly doesn’t want the couple living in the Parker, Colorado neighborhood; the vandals also spray painted “Kill The Gays” on their garage door.

KUSA-TV reports that,”Whitchurch and Conklin believe this all stems from a feud they’ve been having for months with the Homeowners Association.”

The couple, who have lived quietly together in their condo for the last 6 months, until the Homeowner’s Association found out that the women are lesbians.

Conklin says that’s when things started to go south. The Association started making claims that the couple wasn’t picking up after their dogs. She tells KUSA-TV that was a lie,””It ridiculous. We have a Mastiff and a Great-Dane, two of the largest breed dogs, if we didn’t pick up after them this entire place would be covered. It’s completely invalid. That’s just common sense,” Conklin said.”

“Since the initial graffiti on Friday night, the couple says their car has been keyed and dog feces have been left on their property.”

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is investigating. The couple tells KUSA-TV they plan on contacting the FBI.

Read the full article here.

(Note: Colorado, like Idaho, doesn’t have any anti-discrimination laws against the LGBTQIA community.  This story is yet another example of  the need for Idaho to add  the words “Sexual orientation and gender identity” to the human rights law. Please visit to learn more.-JT)


3 Responses to Colorado Couple Says Homeowner’s Association Maybe to Blame for Hate Crime

  1. Sometimes it can be perceived by victims of hate crime like this that everyone is against them, but this is often wrong. If everyone were against them they wouldn’t even be able to live in their house, and would not be able to buy goods and services or walk down their street.

    People who leave dog faeces and scrawl nasty messages anonymously do so because their days are numbered. They don’t have popular support for what they do, otherwise why would they not simply do so publicly?

    One thing the perpetrators of such vile acts know is that their victims feel stigmatised, and will start wondering about every person they meet, introducing suspcion into previously positive relationships. This is the very time to rise above their scheming, and be more positive, more friendly and more involved in your community than ever:
    Mayor of Oslo: “We shall punish the terrorist, and this will be his punishment: more democracy, more tolerance, more generosity.”

    This is how to frustrate them. But if you cower and withdraw, then they will have succeeded.

    Take heart, the haters’ days are drawing to a close, and they know they are.

  2. SFW says:

    IT WAS A FRAUD!!!!

  3. Debbie says:

    Google is my king because it helped me find this wonderful website!

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