Extremist Group Says Meridian School Board “Duped” into Dropping Consent Requirement for Clubs

A group founded by hate group leader Don Wildmon, James Dobson and others is going after the Meridian School District for failing to require a parents signature in order to join a school clubs.

Nevermind the fact that for years school clubs, including those of a religious nature, have been allowed to operate without parental consent. Forget the fact that it wasn’t until a group of students at Mountain View High School formed a Gay-Straight Alliance club that the consent clause was considered.

The Idaho Statesman reports that,”the Alliance Defense Fund… issued a statement Monday saying the district was “duped” by gay rights activists into ditching the proposed parental consent policy.”

Jeremy Tedesco, an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund, says,””School districts do not need to give in to activist demands that parents be left ignorant about what their children are exposed to,”

Ironically, the same extremist group filed a lawsuit against a school in New York earlier this year after it had canceled a faith-based club but continued to allow a Gay Straight Alliance club to operate.  There was no pressure in that case asking the school to require “parental consent” for any club only equal treatment under school district policies.

The Statesman reports the group claims that in Meridian’s case, “the proposal was cut after pressure from Lambda Legal and the Idaho Safe Schools Coalition.”

Parents, students and others testified to the school board earlier this fall that requiring parental consent for a Gay Straight Alliance club is not only unfair, but it would also cause undue hardship on LGBTQIA students.

Meridian School District spokesman Eric Exline tells the newspaper that the consent clause was dropped because the vast majority of clubs in the district do not require parental consent.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that violence against LGBTQIA students decreases in schools that have Gay-Straight Alliance clubs. The clubs not only give its members a safe space to discuss issues such as bullying, it also helps students know that they aren’t alone.

The Meridian School Board approved its new policy last week paving the way for the organization of  not only Gay-Straight Alliance clubs but other student clubs in the district as well.

(Editor’s note: It’s pretty clear that the extremists strategically pick and choose what they want to complain about and how they go about it. If this had been a religious club we were talking about the Alliance Defense Fund would have hammered the district. Since it’s a Gay-Straight Alliance club however, decisions of fairness become instances of “duping.”-JT)


2 Responses to Extremist Group Says Meridian School Board “Duped” into Dropping Consent Requirement for Clubs

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  2. *copy of my post to related article

    “If these are student-run societies, other than the formality of the clubs’ creation, it’s difficult to see how the parental consent requirement could ever be enforced without a teacher being present and taking a roll call of attendees. If it’s run by teachers, then that would then mean it is not really a student society.

    If this idiocy ever becomes law, it will be one of the easiest to flout in the history of floutable laws, and will serve only to bring the law into disrepute.”

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