Wedding Bells: Conan O’Brien To Make Marriage Equality History

In a move that producers insist isn’t a publicity stunt,  TBS funny guy Conan O’Brien will perform an on-air same gender wedding next week.  According to Vulture magazine,”O’Brien will be marrying a longtime staffer and his partner.”

“Show sources are quick to caution that the potentially groundbreaking event is no mere publicity stunt, and isn’t intended to make light of gay marriage,” Vulture reports.

The wedding will take place at New York’s Beacon Theater as part of  a series of shows celebrating Conan’s first anniversary on TBS.

New Pew research offers a glimpse at the changing attitudes towards same gender marriage. According to Pew, “Among self-described liberals, support for same-sex marriage has risen 10 points. Support for same-sex marriage has also grown recently among political conservatives, though most are still opposed. ”

While ground breaking, Conan’s wedding show will fit right in with the expectations of his target audience.  Pew says, “In 2011 Pew polling, Millennials are twice as likely as the Silent Generation to support same-sex marriage.”


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